Monday, June 30, 2014


Dear Harper,
It will be a long time before you can read this letter, but it is written to welcome you to our Lipsett family. We haven’t met yet in person, but we have talked with you via Face Time on the day of your birth: March 9, 2014. Your Granddad and I, your Nana, will be coming to see you soon at your home in Arlington, Virginia.
            You were born into a digital world, with your dad, our son Peter, announcing by phone text that you would soon be arriving. We sent out a birth announcement to family and friends via email soon after your birth. And, as I said before, our first visit was a digital one, our IPad to your dad’s. As your mom, Ann-Bailey, held you, I do believe you smiled for us. We have already had several virtual visits with you.
Who knows what electronic marvels the world will hold during your life? But we will always make time for live visits with you. We also hope that you will share the family love of reading and that paper books and newspapers will never be totally replaced by the electronic versions.
During a recent Face Time visit, you slept blissfully in your father’s arms while we chatted away. Your sister, Lilly Bell, talked to us and entertained us, until it was important to have your mom put a band-aid on a booboo on her leg. No one else could see the booboo but she
was very concerned about it. In no time at all you too will play so hard that you have booboos that require band-aids. You will be playing games with Lilly Bell, walking and talking, having tea parties and being best friends with your sister. She is already very proud of you and eager to have you play with her.
            You are our third granddaughter, following your cousin Addie Long and your sister Lilly Bell, but rest assured, Harper, that you are not third in our love. You are all three tied for number one in our love and devotion. 
            Harper Bethli Lipsett, you are a beautiful, sweet, good-tempered baby. On March 9, you joined the Lipsett and Lynn families, including loving parents, sister, cousin, aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents who are all excited to love you, teach you, encourage you, and watch you blossom.
Love always,


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