Monday, June 30, 2014


Thirty One years ago, shortly before Mother’s Day, on May 1, 1983, I received a wonderful, precious gift: the birth of my daughter, Katie. She arrived with black hair and a sweet disposition. Now, thirty one years later, shortly before Mother’s Day and her birthday, our daughter Katie received the wonderful, precious gift of her daughter, Caroline.

At 11:12 p.m. on Monday night, April 28, Caroline Bennett Long was born at Presbyterian Hospital, Charlotte, N.C. She came into the world with a head of soft black hair, reminding me of her mother‘s arrival. Her big sister, Addie, was thrilled with her baby sister, standing outside as the family car drove into the drive-way, waiting with both sets of grandparents. Addie first greeted her mother and then her baby sister, with giggles and oooh’s of excitement.

Arriving home from the hospital, Caroline was greeted royally and took it all in with calm and sweetness. She let us take turns holding her and rocking her. She may be the second child in her family, but I can tell already she will be able to hold her own and be her own person - just like her mother.

Caroline needs to know that her mother will be a terrific role model for her and her sister. Katie didn’t fit the mold of a second child. She has always been willing to accept challenges and to be the best she could be in all endeavors: a scholar, an athlete, a friend, a wife, mother and a loving, caring Christian.

I look forward to watching Caroline develop her own personality, discovering her own talents and interests. I imagine her playing games with her big sister, having whispered conversations, playing dress up, reading lots of books, and kicking the soccer ball. I expect she, too, will hold her own with her sister, excelling in her own right.

Caroline is our fourth granddaughter and each of the girls share similar family traits and look; yet each is unique and individual. Each granddaughter is a special blessing that we cherish. In years to come, I’m sure the four cousins will be best of friends, enjoying vacations and holidays, face time and photos. Addie, Lilly Bell, Harper and Caroline – you are our darling girls; loved, cherished and adored.

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