Friday, October 7, 2011


  She is tiny, beautiful, an adorable baby. Lillian Bell Lipsett was born on September 3  at 10:28 on a Saturday evening and captivated us from the moment we met her. She is our second granddaughter but I can tell already that she will certainly not be second best to anyone. Just as each child is special, each grandchild has her own unique hold on our hearts.

Lilly has a determined spirit that has already manifested itself. She is the first child of two first children. I expect she will be strong-willed and assertive in the kind and gentle manner of a Southern lady.

We met her when she was one week old and home with her parents in Arlington, Virginia. It was a hot September day and her parents and grandparents thought it would be nice to take try out the new pram and Lilly for a short walk. Lilly, at her early age, knew it was too hot for an outing. She protested for all of the Fairlington community to hear. It was a very short walk with a happy baby quickly back inside. Her mother captured the moment perfectly for all of us when she told Lilly: “You must forgive us; we’re first time parents and we make mistakes.”

They may be first time parents but they are doing an excellent job already. Lilly's parents, our son Peter and our daughter-in-law, Ann-Bailey Lynn Lipsett, are remarkable parents already, meeting her demands with a calmness and patience that even many experienced parents lack.

Lilly is surrounded by love from her parents and her two sets of grandparents. Her maternal grandparents, Beth and Jon Lynn, of Warrenton, VA, live closer to her Arlington home than we do and are a wonderful support for her and her parents. As for us, her Lipsett grandparents, I see in our future many more trips to Arlington with a stop in Charlotte to visit her cousin Addie