Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I can't help thinking the solutions our national leaders have offered for our economic crisis are an elaborate April Fool's Joke. In that vain, I am hopeful that, once the first of April has passed, we will regain our economic sanity and be offered a truthful, workable solution. How wonderful if we can wake up on April 2 and find that market based economics are once again in place; and that a government take-over of our economy has been merely a terrifying bad dream. We will find on that beautiful morning that there is no move to socialized medicine; that the banks and major industries have not been nationalized; and that the tax rates are not being used to penalize the productive. Let's hope that the reality of the past few months is merely a myth and that the true reality is a sound economy, a healthy stock market, and citizens free from the tyranny of big government.