Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trying to understand the stimulus

So much about this stimulus bill makes no sense. But tonight I heard the most puzzling information of all. Our President said we must get the federal deficit under control - at the same time he is saying that he will be signing this un-stimulating stimulus bill. How can a bill that will cost taxpayers almost a trillion dollars help to get the federal deficit under control. How can legislation that causes the USA to borrow billions of dollars be good for us? How can legislation that bloats the size of the federal government be good for us? How can legislation that takes away freedoms be good for us? Does anyone even know what is actually in the bill and what affect it will have on our country? Does it make sense to add massive debt and then insist that we must get the deficit under control? Is this leadership or politics? Is it change we can believe in or change we should fear?

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